By vis­it­ing the site with your web brows­er set to accept cook­ies, you agree to receive cook­ies from this site. If this is not your intent, you should change this set­ting in your brows­er, where you also can delete cook­ies that you already have received.

About cookies

A cook­ie is a small file that the site asks your brows­er to store for short­er or longer peri­ods of time and return every time the brows­er requests a page from the site. The rea­son is that the site does not have a mem­o­ry, but must ask your brows­er to remem­ber things the site or ser­vices the site is con­nect­ed to need to func­tion as intend­ed. The cook­ie itself is com­plete­ly harm­less and con­tains no per­son­al infor­ma­tion.

There are four types of cook­ies:

  • Cookies can be used for sites to behave as expect­ed; for exam­ple, to remem­ber if you have under­stood the mes­sage that cook­ies are used so the mes­sage does not need to appear for a while.
  • Cookies can be used to col­lect sta­tis­tics; for exam­ple, to remem­ber your brows­er, so that the num­ber of unique vis­i­tors can be count­ed.
  • Cookies can be used for Marketing Automation.
  • Cookies can be used for retar­get­ing.

This site uses or may use cook­ies for all these pur­pos­es.

Remove and disable cookies

You can delete all cook­ies accept­ed by your brows­er. You can also set your brows­er to refuse cook­ies in future. You find the instruc­tions in your browser’s man­u­al or on your browser’s help. Below are links to infor­ma­tion about cook­ie man­age­ment for the most com­mon browsers.